Wednesday, March 20, 2013


From the ancient carriage-houses
In the alleys near our lair
creep all sorts of Alley Scallywags
who make their houses there:
It’s in these reclusive pockets
in the spaces time forgot
that these mischievous beings
traipse about, as is their lot.

They have taught their raccoon cousins
How to unlock compost bins
To get to the lovely tidbits
That are nestled deep within
In exchange the raccoons help them
Pilfer things just left around
So the Scallywags can use them
(Like a magic “lost and found”)

Oh, the Scallywags are sneaky
When it comes to things they need
But they only take these items
For good use; not out of greed
So the left socks that go missing
From the wash (as is the norm)
Are re-knit for toques and mittens
To keep these guys nice and warm.

Lost keys turn to little wind-chimes
ballpoint pens become their flutes
Lost gloves find new lives as sweaters
Lose some thimbles? Now they’re boots!
So if anything goes missing
From your home, yard, or caboose,
Know the Scallywags have found it,
And have put it to good use!


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